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4 mini no-bake cheesecake jars - picture

4 mini no-bake cheesecake jars

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Grilled seafood salad - picture

Grilled seafood salad

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Grilled shrimp boil packets - picture

Grilled shrimp boil packets

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Online seafood store Kiev

Finding excellent fresh seafood can be difficult, even harder than cooking them. If you live far from the sea or ocean, or in a small city, your choice may be very limited. Fortunately, thanks to modern delivery and shopping in our store or simply by visiting our online seafood shop Kiev, high-quality seafood is available to everyone.

Are there advantages to frozen vegetables and berries?

Until recently, the simple idea of buying frozen vegetables and berries on the Internet was a kind of an oxymoron. After all, how can they stay fresh if they are bought online and sent hundreds or thousands of kilometers away? But with the current capabilities using deep freezing, our company can deliver you any vegetables and berries, regardless of the season.

Buying frozen vegetables and berries in our company you are:

  1. confident in the quality and freshness of the selected product;
  2. choose from a huge number of vegetables;
  3. expand your menu;
  4. saturate the body with necessary vitamins.

How useful are frozen vegetables?

Scientists have long proved the usefulness of vegetables, but many still doubt whether something useful remains in the frozen product? IceMan explains: the deep-freezing process fully preserves the cellular structure of the fruit. This allows not only to preserve the original appearance and original taste, but also preserves the vitamins and energy value of each fruit. Therefore, you can confidently buy frozen vegetables and recommend buying frozen berries in our store - this is high-quality, tasty and healthy!

Should I order frozen meat?

Supermarkets have simplified the process of buying meat to a minimum. But this applies only to popular varieties of medium quality. However, when you are looking for something really special, you may have a little more difficulty. You can order frozen meat on our website. We will help bring you special meat right to your door.

To ensure that your high-quality meat products are delivered in the best condition, they are usually transported frozen, packed in a polystyrene foam refrigerator and cooled with dry ice or ice packs. This procedure allows you to save the meat in its original form with all the useful properties.

In our store, as well as on the website of the online store you can find the following types of meat:

  1. goose;
  2. duck;
  3. hen;
  4. quail;
  5. foie gras liver;
  6. pork; beef;
  7. veal.

At the same time, we supply fresh meat, special attention is caused by smoked meat. Browse the assortment of meats available on IceMan. We deliver meat products not only by courier in Kiev and Kiev region. Also, you can order express delivery in Kiev and the region, and after a very short period of time you will enjoy a fragrant meat dish. There are so many delicious dishes that can be cooked with meat. And we facilitate your life by delivering it throughout Ukraine so that you can cook your meat masterpieces at any time.