Herring, IQF

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Specifications of Herring, IQF

  • Size: 0,3+ kg
  • Condition: IQF
  • Storing contitions: 12 months at a temperature of C from -24 to -18

Detailed description of Herring, IQF

This product Herring, IQF size is 0,3 + kg.

Herring is an extremely delicious and popular fish in Ukraine. It is a real source of nutrients - especially vitamin D. In 100 grams of herring contains one and a half times the daily rate of vitamin. The use of fish slows down the aging process. Herring improves the functioning of the thyroid gland, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and in general, positively affects the functioning of the central nervous system. Herring can be cooked in many ways. 

Herring is subjected to shock freezing, thus preserving its appearance, taste and all useful elements.

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