Saithe fillet, skin-on, IQF

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Specifications of Saithe fillet, skin-on, IQF

  • Size: 0.5+ kg
  • Condition: fillet with skin, IQF
  • Storing contitions: 12 months at a temperature of C from -24 to -18

Detailed description of Saithe fillet, skin-on, IQF

This product Saithe fillet, skin-on, IQF size is 0,5 + kg.

Saithe is a tasty fish of gray color. Rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, K, micro and macro elements: potassium, selenium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus. Extremely useful for the body fat from the liver sidewalks. An important role is played by diet and sports because it contains many easily digestible proteins.

From meat sauces you can cook a lot of useful and low-calorie dishes.

Saithe is subjected to shock freezing, thus preserving its appearance, taste and all useful elements.

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