Mussels in the shell, Black Sea (whole)

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Specifications of Mussels in the shell, Black Sea (whole)

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Detailed description of Mussels in the shell, Black Sea (whole)

Mussels in the shell, whole, Ukraine.

Meat of mussels is pure high-grade protein. Clams contain vitamins E, B, D, micro and macro elements. Although mussels are quite fat, they include polyunsaturated acids that improve brain performance. It also has a positive effect on liver function, strengthens immunity, stimulates hematopoiesis and is a means of prophylaxis of arthritis.

Meals, where seafood is the main component, have a low calorie content and excellent taste.

The mussels are subjected to shock freezing, thus preserving the appearance, taste and all the useful elements.

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    Сделал заказ первый раз, брал черноморские мидии в ракушке. Все привезли на следующий день, продукты хорошего качества, расчет на сайте по безналу, в дальнейшем буду заказывать, цены приятные.