Scallops, size 40/60, IQF, by weight

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Specifications of Scallops, size 40/60, IQF, by weight

  • Size: 40/60
  • Condition: without caviar, frozen
  • Storing contitions: 12 months at a temperature of C from -24 to -18

Detailed description of Scallops, size 40/60, IQF, by weight

Meals, where seafood is the main component, have a low calorie content and excellent taste. This product Scallops, size 40/60, IQF, by weight size is 40/60.

Marine combs have delicate meat and are considered to be a delicacy. In addition to the delicious taste, they are also very useful - contain essential amino acids and lipids. Combs contain vitamins B, minerals: calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, iodine. Protein of the scallops is highly valued, because the human body can easily be absorbed into it. It is recommended to use combs to eliminate joint problems, reduce cholesterol, and also to quickly recover from illness. 

The wrinkles are subjected to shock freezing, thus preserving the appearance, taste and all the useful elements.

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