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To buy the frozen berries with delivery Kiev from the ❄ICEMAN❄ company
If you are the owner of a summer house with a beautiful garden full of fruit trees, or you have the opportunity to go to the forest every week in the summer to pick berries, you are very lucky: in winter you can please your family and friends with wonderful dishes:
Fruit salads
Drinks: jelly, compotes, fruit drinks and even alcoholic wines, liquors, liquors, tinctures and cocktails.
Those who are deprived of the opportunity to use the harvest of their own garden or wild strawberries and blueberries harvested in the swamps in the forest have an excellent solution - buy frozen berries and cook anything you want.
Why is it possible to preserve all the vitamins in fruits and berries?
Properly frozen berries, at the lowest possible temperature, are the source of the same rich set of vitamins as their summer "ancestors" growing on shrubs, trees, in forest or swamp grass. To ensure the safety of appearance, quality and vitamin composition, fruits and berries are subjected to the so-called cryogenic deep freezing - this is shock freezing at a very low temperature of about -35 degrees Celsius. As a rule, only factory-processed frozen berries can use such an advanced harvesting technology.
Buy Frozen Berries and Fruits Online
On the website of the магазинаICEMAN❄ online store you will have the opportunity to order the following berries and fruits online:
popular: strawberries, and sea buckthorn, and cranberries, apples, plums, dogwood, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, viburnum, aronia;
scarce: lingonberries, strawberries, blueberries;
as well as berry mixes for all tastes, in which the compositions are optimally selected, allowing you to prepare very delicious mashed potatoes and compotes for the smallest and adults.
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Forget about the huge lines and attempts to find the freshest products on the shelves - we will do it for you, and you will spend no more than 5 minutes buying even a very large amount of goods!