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Simplicity is the key to success! Fish can be whimsical in cooking and recipes with lots of ingredients will take a lot of time. However, it is not necessary to spend a whole day in the kitchen if using the most reliable method - the right choice of spices! The dorada trout recipe with lemon is very fast in preparation and is incredibly beautiful and concise in serving.

Cooking time: 00:40
Cooking method: Baking
Type: Main course
Cuisine: European
Yield: 2

Dorada (sea bream) - 2 pieces (650 gr)
Lemon - 1 pc
Fresh rosemary - 4 sprigs
Garlic - 1 head
Oregano, thyme, sage, basil, oregano (dried) - 1-2 teaspoons
Pepper black, pink, green - to taste
Salt - to taste
Sugar - a pinch
Olive oil - 3 tablespoons


Cut the garlic clove in half and lightly fry in olive oil.
Season the fish with salt, herbs, freshly ground pepper and oil mixture. Make a deep cross section on one side of the carcass and place in them in lemon slices. Inside, stuff the fish with fresh rosemary and garlic.
Stuff the fish with fresh rosemary and garlic.
Then in the pan, lay out the cooking paper. Oil the fish with the fried garlic. And season the fish with a pinch of sugar.
Bake 25-35 minutes at 210 degrees..

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