Shrimps on coals with bouillabaisse

Shrimps on coals with bouillabaisse - picture

Shrimps baked in shells, on the one hand, they keep all their juice in themselves, but on the other hand, it is not so easy to clean them of this shell. If you decide to fry shrimps that have already been peeled on charcoal, collect all the shells and heads on a metal sheet and fry them over the fire until red in color - and only then put them into the bouillabes. If there is no sheet, wrap the shells in portions in pieces of foil and place on the grid. And do not overdry yourself shrimp!


Recipe's author: Petya Ivanov, chef of the restaurant "Tasty!"





1 kg of large shrimps with heads

1 juicy orange

several slices of fennel

2-3 cloves of garlic

olive oil


For bouillabaisse


4-6 fresh smelts

2 small fennel coaches

1–2 heads of young garlic

1–2 large juicy oranges

4 ripe medium sized tomatoes

any greens to your taste

olive oil

freshly ground pepper





For the marinade to shrimp, crush the garlic, chop the fennel, squeeze the orange juice, mix everything and add olive oil.


Shrimp, not peeling, incise lengthwise, remove the intestinal vein, put in marinade for 25 minutes.


Then strut shrimp on skewers or put on the grill, bake, turning, until pink. Submit immediately. Heads and shells from eaten shrimp save.


Fill the pot for 2/3 with water and hang over a fire or bury in the coals.


When the water boils, put the fennel, cut into 4 parts, garlic heads, cut in half, fresh fish and shrimp.


Cook until ready fish, then put the fish on a plate. Continue cooking until cooked vegetables.


Fry the tomatoes over the coals to black, remove the skin, crush the flesh with a fork.


Add orange juice and tomato pulp to the soup. Season with salt and pepper, add coarsely chopped greens, warm.


Remove the vegetables from the soup and put them on the plate separately with the fish.


From the soup get a skimmer shell with heads, put, if there is, the remaining baked shrimp, pour in plates with vegetables and serve.
Всегда готовим это блюдо на пикнике, пальчики оближешь, и продуктов немного нужно! А главное - диетическое и полезное!
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