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Buy meat online store Kiev

The correct balanced diet can not be imagined without meat. And if you are interested in beef, duck, chicken, pork, online store Iceman knows exactly what to offer! In 
our catalog you will find a large selection of meat rich in proteins, fats, mineral salts, vitamins of group B. And this is not a complete list of what meat products 
are good for the human body. Buy meat online store Kiev Iceman allows for a very affordable price.
Our site offers a wide range of freezed, chilled and smoked meat from a leading manufacturer. You no longer need to spend time on a shopping trip, analyzing the 
quality and freshness of meat - just place an order and you will soon have your favorite products!

Foie gras order

For many people foie gras or goose liver is associated with luxurious life, expensive French restaurants. Fortunately, today everything is easier, and if you have 
always wanted to try foie gras, you can order it in Iceman! 
Goose liver is not just very tasty, it is also a very healthy food. This product contains:
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium.
In it, as in the duck liver, there are a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and few carbohydrates. The product is recommended for people who want to avoid problems with 
the cardiovascular system.

Pork online store

Pork has always been on the traditional table of real Ukrainians. Nothing has changed even now, when the range of meat products has become much wider. Iceman 
recommends to buy meat Kiev online store for several reasons. Pork:
  • affects cholesterol lowering;
  • facilitates the work of the stomach;
  • useful for the functioning of the intestines.
Such meat is inexpensive, suitable for long storage in the freezer. Dishes from it are very tasty, and there is a large selection - both for every day meals and for 
the festive table. Pork can be baked with potatoes, make chops, chakhokhbili, schnitzel. Even if you do not particularly like to experiment with products and spices, 
you can just fry, stew or bake a piece of pork - it will still be a very tasty food. The most convenient way to order meat online is on the Iceman website, but you are 
always welcomed in our store! Here you can see for yourself the quality of all products and stock up on good meat.

Quail meat buy

Tender and fragrant quail meat is very a healthy food. It contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body. First of all, there is a lot 
of protein here, so quail meat is worth buying for athletes and everyone who keeps the balance of their diet. This meat is considered dietary, therefore, unlike pork, 
it can be used by those who want to lose weight. In addition, quails are even allowed to be given to young children, as a first feeding.
Today there are a lot of recipes with quail meat. It can be stuffed with prunes and walnuts, baked with kefir and herbs, or with bacon and cheese. If you want to get a 
more original taste, stuff the quail with pomegranate seeds.
The range of the online store Iceman is regularly updated with high-quality and tasty meat. Place an order and see for yourself!