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Buy frozen mushrooms

It is no secret that forest mushrooms are very tasty and healthy, you can make a lot of interesting dishes from them. The only thing is that the season of mushrooms is not very long, so if you decide to indulge yourself in the middle of winter, you should buy frozen mushrooms. Mushrooms which we choose for freezing are usually quite robust. It can be champignons, honey agarics, aspen, boletus, chanterelles and others. In the online shop Iceman you can order frozen mushrooms in bulk. The catalog is diverse and is regularly updated with new products. Also, you are always welcome in our store, where you will be offered to personally get acquainted with the assortment and make a choice!

Benefits of frozen mushrooms
Just like fresh mushrooms, frozen mushrooms are very beneficial for the human body. They contribute to the treatment of such disorders:
diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • vision loss;
  • varicose veins.
Regular consumption of mushrooms helps to strengthen the immune system. Even the fragility of nails and caries can be eliminated if you balance your diet. The main thing is not to overeat, because mushrooms are digested for a long time and require a lot of energy for this, so they need to be eaten in moderation.
If raw mushrooms are properly freezed, low temperature allows to seal inside all the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Each type of mushroom has its own. For example, white mushrooms are recommended for women who want to prolong their youth and preserve beauty. If you try to freeze them at home by yourself, you can violate the technology and turn a good product into at least useless. Therefore, it is much more convenient and profitable to buy frozen mushrooms in Iceman. Note that even a partial defrost is not  allowed during the storage period, so make sure that your freezer is working properly.

How to cook frozen mushrooms
Ordering mushrooms in the online store Iceman, you can store them in the freezer. Then on hand will always be tasty and healthy products that are easy and quick to prepare. We offer several interesting dishes to diversify your menu: 
  • Heat a frying pan and pour mushrooms from the freezer onto it. It is better to reduce the temperature slightly so that they warm up evenly and do not remain moist inside. Be prepared for plenty of fluids. It can be used for broth, mushroom sauce. When the mushrooms are cooked, use them as a side dish or main course;
  • If you want a delicious mushroom soup, it will be easier to cook! Boil the broth, and throw the mushrooms in boiling water! If you want to cook not mushrooms or porcini mushrooms, it is better to defrost them beforehand and lightly fry them with butter. Also boiled mushrooms can be ground in a blender with potatoes and cream, you get a delicious soup;
  • Having bought frozen chanterelles or honey agarics, you can please yourself and the household with amazing meatballs. Thaw the mushrooms, if they are raw - boil in boiling water. Then grind in a blender or meat grinder, you can add onions, eggs, all as for ordinary ground beef. Such burgers perfectly diversify your diet, suitable for a vegetarian menu.
Frozen mushrooms are excellent for pizzas, pies and pies. You can fry them in a pan, bake in the oven with meat and vegetables, cook in pots.
Frozen mushrooms, the price of which is most affordable in Iceman will be useful to any hostess! Order excellent products from us and enjoy your meal!