Spinash, fresh-frozen

  • Spinash, fresh-frozen
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    A vegetable dish is much easier to prepare than a meat one, because cooking vegetables does not take much time. Spinash, fresh-frozen may suit for various dishes with different cooking methods.

    Spinach is among the top five most useful products. And all this is due to its unique composition: vitamins A, B, E, C, H, K, PP, micro and macro elements: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, fatty acids, fiber. Interestingly, protein in spinach is more than in beans and green peas. Leaves spinach improve metabolism, remove toxins from the body, actively feed cells with oxygen. Spinach is a diet product that has a prophylactic effect on many diseases. 

    Spinach is subjected to shock freezing, thus preserving the appearance, taste and all the useful elements.

    Specification product Spinash, fresh-frozen



    fresh frozen

    Storing contitions

    12 months at a temperature of C from -24 to -18

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